Drumshallon Forge 14 Sep 2019

Our project kicked off on Saturday 14 Sep 2019 at the wonderful Drumshallon Forge Heritage Centre. We were delighted with the enthusiasm of our first group of eight participants from South Louth.

A set of introductory talks and demonstrations covering a wide range of water-related topics. Live macroinvertebrates were examined in trays and under the microscope explaining how some species are very tolerant of pollution while others are very sensitive. Ken covered the topic “Getting to know the freshwater and nearshore fish of Ireland” with a wide-ranging introduction.

On the larger end of the animal scale recent whale and dolphin sightings were mentioned including a humpback whale seen locally off Clogher Head in August 2019.

The second group will begin at the Blackrock Community Centre on Saturday 21 Sep 2019.